Rototec Spa
Rototec – Treating better

Founded within the international System Group over 20 years ago, we specialise in creating products for waste water treatment and the harvesting/storage of rainwater.

All our tanks are made of linear polyethylene and are manufactured using rotary moulding technology.

Our manufacturing site is located in the Marche region (Lunano, PU), with a surface area of over 18000 m2 including a manufacturing department of over 5000 m2.

Our mission is to conserve the most precious element we have on our planet: H2O!

Rototec Spa is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company
Design and manufacture by rotary moulding of technical articles destined for use in waste water treatment and purification systems
Rototec Spa is part of System Group

Rototec Spa forms part of the System Group, which has been a leading manufacturer of complete pipeline systems since 1980. The Group comprises 12 companies located in Italy and abroad which work in harmony with each other to offer their customers a consolidated range of options that meet the needs of all those constructing underground water distribution, storage and treatment networks, gas distribution networks and cable pipelines.