Bioblok one-piece treatment plant

Bioblok is a one-piece treatment plant made up of modular tanks for underground installation (Infinitank, Minitank and Nanotank) used to provide a full treatment system for domestic and/or similar sewage.

Use and specifications
1. SLUDGE SEDIMENTATION AND DIGESTION SECTION: stilling section where the effluent solids settle and accumulate at the bottom of the tank. The bacterial flora transforms the putrescible component of the sludge into inert sludge, carbon dioxide and water.

2. FILTER MEDIA: plastic bulk fill material with a large surface area that acts as a support on which the aerobic bacteria responsible for treating the effluent can develop.

3. DIFFUSERS: in microbored rubber for uniform distribution of the air in the oxygenation section.

4. BLOWERS-COMPRESSORS: to blow air to the oxygenation section diffusers.

The BIOBLOK one-piece treatment plant consists of primary sedimentation and anaerobic sludge digestion in a biological tank and subsequent secondary adhered biomass aerobic digestion. BIOBLOK is a biological reactor, inside which the micro-organisms that purify the effluent develop on the surface of special bulk fill material (filter media). The uniform distribution of the effluent through the filter guarantees maximum contact between the organic material to purify and the biological film covering the spheres making up the fill material. More specifically, the bacteria that grow and develop inside the aerobic trickle filter with top outlet consume the organic load in the effluent in the presence of oxygen. The oxygen enters the tank continuously through the external compressor and is distributed by the diffuser plates

USE: Primary and secondary treatment of domestic sewage and similar.






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